Monitoring Committee, Rome 29 May 2018

Rome – 29 May 2018. Examination of the state of physical and financial progress of the Programme, ongoing good practices and intervention outlook during the fourth meeting of the Supervisory Committee of the NOP Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020, held yesterday 29 May in Rome.

The work session was introduced by the speeches of the Director General of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, of the Managing Authority, of Intermediates Bodies – Department of Public Administration and Ministry of Justice – and of the European Commission – DG Employment and DG Regio. The members of the Committee then examined and approved the Annual Implementation Report for 2017, which recorded a significant increase for 2017, both in terms of projects and allocated resources: in fact, 18 initiatives have been launched during the last year for a total amount of 205.5 million euros.

The central part of the morning was dedicated to the presentation of the Information on the state of implementation of the NOP Governance as of 30 April 2018, with the Managing Authority illustrating the main initiatives currently ongoing. A framework which records a total of 88 initiatives financed with over 460 million committed resources, more than 55% of the budget of the Operational Programme.

In this framework, the Department of Public Administration presented the details of their delegated projects, already fully operational, and the pathway of construction of new initiatives in the start-up phase, with the overall objective of supporting innovation and supporting the digital transformation of the PA. The Head of Department also illustrated the action of the Dpa for the integration of national/regional interventions on the TO11/TO2, carried out through the Steering Committee, the cooperation activity with the involved PAs and the implemented initiatives of information and communication.

The Ministry of Justice, another Intermediate Body of the Programme, informed the Committee on the state of progress of ongoing activities and in the start-up phase under delegation, in particular on initiatives related to Proximity Office, Trial Office, Extension of the Online Civil Trial to the Justices of the Peace, Online Criminal Trial.

Video infographics and interviews in the space dedicated to some of the Programme’s good practices, including SISPRINT, a project of Unioncamere in support of the planning of interventions by the regional administrations in favour of development and competitiveness, the public notice Open Community PA 2020, the support offered to Municipalities for the migration of the National Registry of Resident Population and actions to reinforce the digital competences of the PA.

The Operational Programme’s expenditure forecasts for 2018 and 2019, the implementation of the IT for the electronic exchange of data – DELFI, and the procedures for the simplifications of costs were examined during the morning session.

A video dedicated to the activities of the civic monitoring initiative OpenCoesione School, whose 2017-2018 edition was recently concluded on 22 May with the awarding of the winning classes during ForumPA2018 (PAForum2018) opened the afternoon session of the work.

At the end of the day the examination of the innovations introduced by the second phase of implementation of the Administrative Reinforcement Plans, of the actions launched by the Department for Equal Opportunities in order to promote reconciliation and gender equality in the PA, the communication initiatives of the NOP Governance carried out during the year 2017 and planned until June 2019, the state of progress of the Evaluation Plan and the audit activities.