Territorial Public Accounts

Territorial Public Accounts
Agency for Territorial Cohesion

The Territorial Public Accounts (TPA) system – consisting of a central technical unit and a network of 21 branches in all the Regions and Autonomous Provinces – is responsible for measuring and analysing – at regional level – the incoming and outgoing financial flows of public administrations and of the entities belonging to the extended component of the public sector.

Based on a dedicated database, the system enables the reconstruction of the consolidated current and capital income and expense accounts, in the extended public sector. The data can be consulted in open format, interactively as well, depending on the available dimensions (year, territorial unit, level of consolidation, type of subjects, economic categories and sectors) offering a useful fact-finding tool, also for the purpose of fostering the participation of citizens, with respect to the decisions taken by the PA.

Within this framework, the Territorial Public Accounts project contributes to increasing the quality of the basic statistical information functional to the proper definition and assessment of development policies, and to the development of statistical analysis methods allowing improved knowledge of the impact of development policies, with regard to the financial flow trends within the target territory.


More specifically, the project envisages three lines of action: consolidating technical operational competences for producing accounts, at central and regional level, and strengthening the systematic use of the statistical bases produced as tools for the structural and cyclical analysis of the territories concerned; developing methodologies and tools for analysis; forecasting expenditure and monitoring public investments, with a view to monitoring investments, with a special focus on implementation expenses and timeframes; developing the broadest possible use and dissemination of the TPA database and of the outcomes of the analysis, expenditure forecasting and investment monitoring activities.