Synergies 2014-20

Synergies 2014-20
Department of Public Administration

The project is part of the new administrative capacity-building model and PA modernisation process for the 2014-2020 period through the OP on Governance and Institutional Capacity addressing TO11 and TO2 according to an integrated approach.

In order to produce effective results, this requires strong coordination between the TOs and the local authorities involved in managing the actions: this need is confirmed from the phase for defining the institutional and administrative capacity-building strategy – providing for a Steering Committee in charge of coordinating the TO11 and TO2 actions – and the implementation strategy of the OP on Governance for the 2014-2020 period, with a specific action dedicated to coordinating the administrative capacity-building measures and identifying common areas for developing and strengthening the administrative capacity dimensions concerned by the Programme.

Within this framework, the Synergies 2014-20 project launched by the Department of Public Administration aims to improve the administrative capacity of the bodies involved by the actions set out in TO11 and TO2; integrate and establish synergies between the actions relating to the two TOs; improve the implementation and planning capacity of the OP owner administrations, enabling economies of scale by integrating the resources around among common thematic cores and identifying collective learning environments, to establish and support relations between the institutional players and develop networking.