Inland Areas

Inland Areas
Department of Public Administration

Inland Areas account for about three-fifths of the entire country. From north to south, they tend to be very diversified between each other and internally, although they do present similar features, great natural resources, poly-centrism, distance from the larger urban centres and services centres, potential for development combining innovation and tradition.

In order to develop and valorise Inland Areas, the (mostly small or very small) Municipalities must overcome their limits and look beyond their borders, in order to actively pursue forms of associated management of services to the public, beginning with health care, education, transport and environmental valorisation and protection.

The project’s aim is to contribute to the process for reorganizing public services in the Inland Areas of the Country, identifying effective management models consistent with the territorial needs. The aim of the project is to support the Inland Area Technical Committee and, through this body, the Local Authorities involved in the creation and/or consolidation of integrated forms of governance and management of local municipal public services in the 65 inland areas identified.

The activities shall focus on the definition of the support procedures: on the verification and evaluation of the association processes; on the support activities for the decision-making processes relating to the launching and development of the aggregation process for functions and services; on sharing and disseminating documents, activities and solutions.

The project results may also be used by other Local Authorities not directly interested in the national strategy for inland areas and by other administrations implementing associated service management actions.