Priority Axes

The “pillars” of the Programme action strategy can be operationally divided into 4 priority Axes.

Axis 1 – Building administrative and institutional capacity for modernising the Public Administration.

Addresses the modernisation of the PA by implementing the reforms with regard to management and organization and by simplifying processes, to reduce the costs and length of the procedures. Invests in the development of digital skills, to improve transparency and access to data and public services, within the framework of open-government policies. Envisages actions for enhancing the efficiency of the judicial system and promoting legality in the Public Administration.

Co-financed by the ESF.

Axis 2 – Developing e-government, interoperability and support for the implementation of the Digital Agenda

Addresses the implementation of digital infrastructure for supporting the reform measures provided in Axis 1. Ensures the digitisation of the PA – consistently with the Digital Growth Strategy – by streamlining the ICT infrastructure, taking-up online services and developing open data, to foster economic improvement and transparency and civic participation processes.

Co-financed by the ERDF.

Axis 3 – Strengthening multilevel governance in public investment programmes

Aims to build the capacity of the PA to implement development policies – and to improve their capacity to manage the Programmes financed by the EU Funds – through actions for enhancing the efficiency of coordination between different levels of government. This Axis also finances measures arising from the needs contained in the Administrative Capacity-Building Plans, besides actions for improving the quality of statistical information and evaluation, such as tools for supporting the capacity to plan and implement investments. The Axis also invests in cooperation within the PA, in the involvement of the partnership in the public investment planning and implementation stages, and in supporting the reform of the territorial administrative bodies.

Co-financed by the ERDF.

Axis 4 – Technical Assistance

Ensures technical assistance in all the Programme implementation stages – management, supervision, evaluation, information and communication and control – and supports the implementation of the 2014-2020 Partnership Plan, by strengthening the policy and coordination activities.

Co-financed by the ESF.