Social media policy


The communication strategy for the 2014 – 2020 National Operational Programme on Governance and Institutional Capacity includes a social media policy to provide information, promote initiatives and events, contribute towards public debate on topics of interest and gather suggestions and requests for additional information from its interlocutors. This page provides a number of indications regarding its management.

What kind of content do we publish?

  • News, articles and documents regarding the Programme and its reference context
  • Information regarding Programme implementation
  • Events organised by and concerning the Programme
  • News and initiatives regarding Programme beneficiaries

Regulations for use and moderation

The Programme Managing Authority Communications Department may decide to republish content posted by third parties once reliability of the source has been checked. The editorial staff is in no way responsible for any advertisements published alongside content, which are independently managed by social networks. All content posted – text, photographs, videos and other multimedia materials – are issued according to the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Profiles are open to comments, as long as they are polite and moderate, and to relevant questions. Comments or questions with the following content will not be allowed:

  • Personal information and confidential data
  • Any kind of advertising and publicity of personal interest; spam
  • Breaches to copyright or unauthorised use of registered trademarks
  • Illegal, offensive or violent content
  • Off-topic content

Any post or comment breaching our regulations will be removed.

Privacy and legal disclaimers

Any personal data included in posts or comments in the Programme social profile will be removed. Information shared by users through direct texts sent to the editing department will be processed in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2013.

Please send any notifications to:

Date updated: 19 January 2017