Evaluation plan

The Evaluation Plan of the OP on Governance and Institutional Capacity for the 2014-2020 period sets out the Programme assessment activities for the entire programming period. The Plan has been defined to ensure compliance with the community standards, in terms of quality, transparency and independence of the evaluation processes and takes into account the European Commission’s provisions on evaluation.

The Plan outlines the organization of the structures directly involved in the evaluation activities; indicates the key thematic areas for evaluation; plans the evaluation activities to be carried out during the implementation of the Programme; sets out the availability of the necessary evaluation data, methods and issues to be addressed, in order to improve knowledge of the projects, ensure planning quality and achieve the expected results.

To identify the successful elements and criticalities observed during the implementation, suggest ongoing corrective measures, building a process for continuously testing the capacity of the decisions taken to fully contribute to the achievement of the objectives, the evaluations shall primarily focus on the procedural and operational aspects.

The Plan shall be reviewed, integrated and updated – examined and approved by the Monitoring Committee.