Regulation and Partnership

Regulation and Partnership
Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs

Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs

Aimed at contributing to the creation of a clear and stable normative context, capable of supporting growth, development and employment, the project involves the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, with the goal of supporting forms of partnership and multi-level governance in the regulatory implementation, monitoring and revision processes.

The purpose is to support stable change in the process of training and implementation of regulatory measures for development policies, fostering information and dissemination of methods and tools for improved regulation, supporting the application of e-government and open government principles in evaluation procedures and partnership processes, encouraging the normative integration, within the regional and national  systems, of the evaluation consultations and procedures.

Building on these foundations, the project’s aim is to improve regulation quality in the fields of interest of development policies, based on multi-level partnership processes, also by supplementing and integrating the administrative and legislative strengthening actions set out in the Administrative Capacity-Building Plan.