Monitoring Committee, Rome 20 May 2016

Second Monitoring Committee meeting

Press release on the MC meeting – Rome, 23 May 2016.
The second meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the OP on Governance and Institutional Capacity for the 2014-2020 period was held in Rome, on 20 May, with a tightly packed agenda, to illustrate to the designated members and Programme partnership the results of the first year of operation and the planned actions.

At the meeting, the Committee, complying with the required formalities, approved its first Annual Programme Implementation Report for 2015, and approved the proposals for non-substantial chenges to the Programme.

The financial progress of the OP was illustrated, highlighting the collection of programme commitments totalling 42 million euros at the end of 2015, and project proposals totalling over 211 million euros.

The first actions in support of the multi-level governance processes were presented, while the Department of Public Administration and the Ministry of Justice illustrated the system actions on administrative capacity and technological innovation by the PA, also defined on the basis of the results posted by the OT11 and OT2 Steering Committees.

The agenda of the meeting also included the illustration of the communication activities planned for 2016, such as the launching of the @pongovernance Twitter profile, the Evaluation Plan and the state of implementation of the Administrative Capacity-Building Plan of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, highlighting the completion of all the improvement measures provided within the deadlines of the first quarterly monitoring process in 2016, with the appreciation of the European Commission.

A Programme defined as “fascinating”, due to its strategic complexity, ambitious and highly challenging, which excellently reflects the desire to support and work together with the local communities in implementing the Agency’s public investment policies, the interest in which was testified by the high attendance at the meeting by all the stakeholders involved.