Strategic Cities

Strategic Cities
Italian Local Government Association

The project’s aim is to support changes in organization and development of skill sets for fostering institutional innovation in Metropolitan Cities.

The project features the direct involvement of the political and administrative structures of Metropolitan Cities and the encompassed Municipalities, the contribution of the Coordination Committee of the Metropolitan City Mayors, within the Local Government Association, and the integration of the  capacity building actions developed by the Department of Public Administration, the Department of Regional Affairs, the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and the Digital Agency for Italy, through the operational programmes on Governance and on Metropolitan Cities in the same territories.

The project addresses three important thematic areas, building a nationwide and local network for each Metropolitan City and testing innovative organizational models on the ground and support to and competence-building training activities for public administrators and officials.

Plans for the institutional (re)organization of metropolitan areas, including activities for supporting and testing the best possible forms of local government association, as well as processes for the joint management of local utility services and municipal association. Through integrated policy-making, the reorganization of part-owned service companies, the creation of joint offices and innovative models aimed at streamlining the bureaucracy and introducing standard rules and forms.

Metropolitan strategy plans, featuring support to strategic planning processes at metropolitan city level, with a special focus on engaging local stakeholders, and the introduction of organizational tools for managing and monitoring the implementation and progress of the Plans.

Simplifying building and urban planning regulations and procedures, through the analysis, testing and development of innovative organizational models aimed at consistently implementing the recent reforms, also using open data management tools.