Ministry for Economic Development

The project’s aim is to support the implementation and strengthening, in all the Regions, of the multi-level centre-region governance mechanisms for nationwide extension of the single emergency telephone number model, by synergistically implementing central and regional public investment programmes.

The single emergency telephone number for the European Union 112 is a Europe-wide integrated and coordinated project for handling calls for emergency services. In Italy, it was tested for the first time by the Region of Lombardy, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, and then replicated in other regions, also with the support of the operational programme on Governance and TA 2007-2013.

Within the framework of the PA reform, the 112 emergency telephone number has been extended nationwide. The model provides for digitising the operating centres of the PA bodies responsible for handling emergency services; implementing emergency call location functions; creating a data network linking all central and regional operating centres; digitising the regional government operating centres (118 and Fire Brigade) and providing for the operational maintenance of the technical and logistical infrastructure and of the organizational systems related to the single emergency call response centres at regional level.

The project also aims to develop the competences of the Regions and PA for the implementation and operational management of the response centres at regional level and strengthening the competences, institutional capacity and operational and procedural models for the nationwide extension of the model.