The ReOPEN project aims to improve the skills and competences of the players involved in the reform and reorganization processes of local government, through multi-level support measures aimed at enhancing the autonomy of the public administrations involved in the execution of the respective formalities, with a view to attaining the full implementation of the reform of local public services along the lines of an economically significant network.

The project is part of the much broader local government reform process, as well as the process for regulating and reorganizing local utility services as economically significant networked services (integrated water, waste management and local public transport services), a much regulated sector although the rules and regulations are often uncoordinated and non-systematized and feature a significant degree of territorial and sectoral differences.

The project activities target the territorial administrations involved in the programming, regulatory, planning, organization and management processes, with regard to the reform and reorganization of the public services, and broken down into lines of action that include: data sharing by the Ministry for Economic Development; indirect support to administrations based on the definition and dissemination of manuals, guidelines, methodological documents and innovative models; direct support to the local authorities, also through multi-territorial pilot projects featuring the activation, animation and coordination of local government networks for testing innovative service management models.