Department for the Programming and Coordination of Economic Policies

Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for the Programming and Coordination of Economic Policies

The so-called Single Project Code (abbreviated in Italy as CUP) is the code number that identifies a project and is made up of a combination of 15 numbers and letters uniquely identifying any public investment project financed with public or private resources.

The OpenCUP portal – designed for navigation purposes and facilitated by filters, maps and infographic tools – makes available information on specific territories, sectors, reference parties, timeframes and costs, based on re-usable data, to anyone who wants to learn about national planned development actions. An operational portal that had already been launched in the 2007-2013 cycle, allowing unrestricted access to data relating to public investment projects included in the CUP Information System.

In the 2014-2020 period, the project envisages the implementation of activities for disclosing the entire information collected by the CUP system, over 3 million CUPs available in open format. The actions primarily concern the issue of system data quality, to ensure full interoperability with the most important portals containing information relating to the projects mapped by OpenCUP, including OpenCoesione and OpenCantieri.

More specifically, the projects lines aim to develop the portal’s functionalities; implementing data analysis and verification activities; identifying new datasets for publishing in open format; producing periodical reports on the progress of public investment projects to be made available on the portal; designing and adopting automatic processes for improving data quality, in connection with request for and management of the CUP; activating processes and methods for establishing stable partnerships between the Department and the persons in charge of the public investment projects; disseminating the necessary methods and competences for improving the quality of the data entered in the CUP system among the project operators and “owners”; developing communication and dissemination activities, with regard to the OpenCUP portal.