ICT for Health

ICT for Health
Ministry of Health

The project’s aim is to help citizens lead a healthy, active and independent lifestyle, improving the sustainability and efficiency of social and health care systems. The project fosters the reorganization of the chronic care management processes by defining, transferring and supporting the adoption – at regional level – of methodological and operational tools for designing local innovative chronic care models.

Integrating care models through ICT can develop networking to improve care delivery, reducing expenditure for chronic care. Innovation resides in the decision to promote a multi-profile and multidisciplinary approach, at both the central and local levels, to support the necessary organizational dialogue, in view of building a toolbox enabling Regional governments to assess and plan – with the local health authorities and stakeholders – actions and investments for tackling the challenges posed by chronic illnesses through the use of ICT .

Activities include the definition of strategic guidelines, methods and tools for identifying innovative health management models aided by digital technology (especially with regard to chronic illnesses and with regard to global patient diagnosis, treatment and care), also based on the success stories emerging from the National Strategy for Inland Areas and the investment effectiveness and efficiency procedures (planning and expenditure) under the ESI Funds, at regional level, addressing the issue of ICT-aided chronic care (also in synergy with the National Smart Specialisation Strategy).

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