Civil Protection

Civil Protection
Department for Civil Protection

The project’s main goal is to set out a new and effective proposal for governance in the key thematic areas for minimising risks, based on widespread partnership, with a view to defining both intervention policies and the technical aspects of their implementation.

In this perspective, the approach addresses the execution of standard projects for programming actions and models and criteria supporting public decision-makers for the proper and effective allocation of resources, aimed at minimising risks in the field of civil protection, to facilitate the absorption and impact of the investments made, also through institutional support measures and drawing on specific professional expertise to assist the regional governments in adopting and applying the tools.

Standard projects are defined on the basis of needs analysis and the definition of the territorial contexts; analyses by risk type and definition of the risk scenarios (hydrogeological and hydraulic risk, seismic risk); analysis and possible updating and implementation of the municipal, inter-municipal, supra-municipal and regional emergency plans; verifying the operation of the response system, in the event of an emergency, and programming the actions for improving the operations for handling emergencies and mitigating risk conditions; overarching assessment of the effectiveness of the actions and measures.

This project targets the regions of Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily.